Headline date in Huntington WV 9/13/17

Dates with Danzig in September

Blackest of the Black Festival May 26

Psycho Vegas Aug 20th 2017

Pro-shot video of COC’s entire set at Bloodstock!

Bottom Feeder (El que come abajo)
Broken Man
Seven Days
Señor Limpio
Vote With a Bullet
Who’s Got the Fire
Clean My Wounds

Ring collaboration with Seventh Circle Artworks


Oct 21st Homegrown Music Fest Raleigh NC State Fair

Dorton Arena N.C. State Fairgrounds


Bloodstock Outdoor Fest UK August 12th

C.O.C. will be appearing Aug 12th   13613193_10155005372025968_8764154366675655572_ohttp://www.bloodstock.uk.com/

Aug 20th Ride for Dime

Dallas Texas at Gas Monkey

2 Irish Gigs 4/30-5/1

Dublin 4/30 and Belfast 5/1belfast